Hare Krishna,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This nectar is very special - it has been extracted from Prabhupada Lilamrta by HH Satsvarupa Maharaj- one of the authorised biographies of HDG SRILA PRABHUPADA.

This is Prabhupada's first visit to the UK, just after he had sent some of his disciple-couples to establish KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS in the UK. For 35 years prior to this, many of Prabhupada's Godbrothers had tried to spread KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS in the UK - but they had failed since they believed that these people where much too fallen (& in maya ) to be able to take to KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS. But, with HDG SRILA PRABHUPADA's potency bestowed on his young American disciples, these disciples where able to achieve what "big' sannyasis had failed to do in the last 35 years. Enjoy the following extract....................especially the dialogue between the reporters & HDG SRILA PRABHUPADA.

London: A Dream Fulfilled
September 11, 1969
With the cooperation of Apple Records and Lufthansa German Airlines, the devotees arranged a reception for Prabhupada at London's Heathrow Airport. As soon as Prabhupada descended the stairs of the airplane, he was escorted to a car and driven to a V.I.P. lounge, bypassing the formalities of immigration and customs. As Prabhupada stepped from the car, the devotees ran out of the terminal and offered obeisances on the wet pavement, while Srila Prabhupada looked down on them, smiling. The devotees rose, brushing wet macadam from their dhotis and saris, and joyfully surrounded Prabhupada as he entered the lounge. Inside the terminal Prabhupada confronted a mass of reporters and cameramen and several dozen friends of the devotees. A clean cloth covered one of the lounge sofas, and vases with yellow gladioluses sat on either side. 

Prabhupada walked over to the sofa and sat down, and Shyamasundara garlanded him with red and white carnations. Prabhupada began leading kirtana. The devotees were oblivious to all but Prabhupada, and the reporters resigned themselves to simply standing and observing while the devotees sang and danced ecstatically. The eager devotees were unabashed during the kirtana, and their shouts of "Haribol!" and "Jaya Prabhupada!" as well as blasts from a conchshell, punctuated the regular chanting of Hare Krishna. 

After the kirtana the reporters remained at a distance as Prabhupada spoke affectionately to almost each devotee
seated before him. "Where is Janaki?" he asked. "Oh, yes, how are you? Vibhavati, how is your daughter? Actually you are all my fathers and mothers. You are taking such care..." For the devotees, only they and Prabhupada were present in the lounge, and they strained to catch everything he did or said. They couldn't have cared less about any outsider's reaction. Finally, Mukunda invited the reporters to come forward: "If any of you gentlemen have any questions, you can ask them of Prabhupada."  

The reporters, moving in: "What do you think of this reception?" 
Prabhupada: "I am not very much fond of reception. I want to know how people give reception to this movement. That is my concern." 
Devotees in unison: "Haribol!"
Reporter: "Is this a very special welcome for you, or is this a performance you go through each day?"
Prabhupada: "No, wherever I go, I have got my disciples. In Western countries I have got now about twenty centers, especially in America. So the American boys are very enthusiastic. I think in Los Angeles and San Francisco I got a very great reception. In the Ratha-yatra festival about ten thousand boys and girls followed me for seven miles."
Devotees: "Haribol!"
Sun reporter: "What do you try to teach, sir?"
Prabhupada: "I am trying to teach what you have forgotten."
Devotees (laughing): "Haribol! Hare Krishna!"
Sun reporter: "Which is what?"
Prabhupada: "That is God. Some of you are saying there is no God. Some of you are saying God is dead. And some of you are saying God is impersonal or void. These are all nonsense. I want to teach all the nonsense people that there is God. That is my mission. Any nonsense can come to me-I shall prove that there is God. That is my Krishna consciousness movement. It is a
challenge to the atheistic people: This is God. As we are sitting here face to face, you can see God face to face, if you are sincere and if you are serious. That is possible. Unfortunately, you are trying to forget God. Therefore you are embracing so many miseries of life. So I am simply preaching that you become Krishna conscious and be happy. Don't be swayed by these nonsense waves of maya, or illusion."

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